Se Necesita Un Pueblo

It Takes A Village

It takes a village to make an impact on Venezuela

Se Necesita Un Pueblo

Issabella Romo

Mission Statement

‘“Se Necesita Un Pueblo” is an international project centered around aiding the Venezuelan youth affected and put at risk by their country’s current economic crisis. Interact 5170 will be providing orphaned and abandoned youth in Venezuela with the resources necessary to PROSPER and SUCCEED while simultaneously advocating for the Latinx community through immersing themselves in service projects and educational opportunities.”



Monetary Goal

Money Raised



The number of orphaned and abandoned youth in Venezuela increases each day as the effects of the Venezuelan Crisis take a toll on families. 480,000 Venezuelan youth and counting are left without food, water, shelter, and education, lacking sustenance as they find themselves without a home. By giving these youth a village, they find a place in a supportive community allowing them to thrive and have the opportunity of a bright future.


  • Drives for clothing, medical supplies, and other essentials for orphanages in Venezuela
  • Fundraising for our sponsorship of 3 villages- La Canada, Ciudad Ojeda, and Maracay- through partnership with SOS Children’s Villages USA

Advocating for the Latinx Community

A fourth of the Bay Area’s population is made up by the Latinx community. Despite this, we regularly see this vibrant, beautiful culture degraded by racism, stereotypes, and misconceptions. As neighbors, and perhaps members, of the Latinx community here in the Bay Area, we must support those who identify with the Latinx culture and appreciate their contribution to the diverse community we live in.


  • Educating ourselves of the Latinx culture
  • Advocating for Latinx individuals and their culture
  • Working with organizations providing resources to Latinx youth

Our Fundraising Goal

Should we meet our fundraising goal, we will be able to fund and sponsor 3 SOS villages in Venezuela- La Canada, Ciudad Ojeda, and Maracay- for upwards of 6 years, providing Venezuelan orphaned and abandoned youth with a home, education, community and medical centers, food, and more.

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