Recovery Through Resilience

Community Project 2019-2020

It’s time to reach out to our fellow brothers and sisters and tell them that they are NOT alone, that they MATTER, that they are LOVED.

 Recovery Through Resilience

Valerie F.

Mission Statement

“Recovery Through Resilience” is the Community Project that works towards destigmatizing conversations about substance abuse and providing those with the resources necessary to THRIVE and GROW through the troubles they face with substance abuse and addiction.



Monetary Goal

Money Raised



Substance abuse is one of the nation’s leading causes of death. Nobody deserves to feel like they’re alone in their struggles. We need everyone to keep their heads above water, we need everyone to keep swimming. That is why this year, we are focusing our efforts on making that a reality for everyone. We will also work to destigmatize conversations about drug abuse and encourage those in pain to seek help.