Choco Chow Chows

About Area 8

We are District 5170’s Area 8. Consisting of nine schools (Andrew Hill HS, Evergreen Valley HS, Leland HS, Oak Grove HS, William C. Overfelt HS, Santa Teresa HS, Silver Creek HS, Valley Christian HS, & Yerba Buena HS), we are the fiercest area in the hood! Area 8’s efforts are supported by the guidance of San Jose Rotary, San Jose Silicon Valley, San Jose East/Evergreen, and Almaden Rotary. Bounded by our passion for service and embodied by “service above self,” we work collaboratively and creatively to create change in our community, society, and world.



Service Hour Goal
Monetary Goal
Service Hours Raised
1900 Hours
Money Raised


Area 8 Director | William Nguyen


It’s me, William, or may know me by my nickname Phudle! I’m a senior at Oak Grove High School this year, and I am so lucky to be serving as the Area 8 Director the most swaggity area out there. #chowchowsupremacy

I’m very much an outdoorsy person, so if we ever hang out, I’ll be chilling at some park basking in the sunlight while munching on some food. Did I mention that I’m a HUGE foodie? I love trying all types of food and will go to great lengths to get it in my hands. Some of my hobbies include playing piano, going to the park, falling asleep on FaceTime, watching K-Dramas and running (and trust me I need it). As we progress towards the future, I hope to inspire others to change the world, unite together in our mission to serve others, and most importantly, have fun along the way!

ruff ruff,

William Nguyen

Destiny District Council