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Fiercest area in the hood, what’s up. We are the Area 8 Royal Red Pandas: Andrew Hill, Evergreen Valley, Leland, Oak Grove, Overfelt, Santa Teresa, Silver Creek, Valley Christian, and Yerba Buena working together in hopes to create an impact that can create opportunities. Our efforts are supported with the guidance of our sponsoring Rotary Clubs: San Jose Rotary, San Jose Silicon Valley, San Jose East Evergreen and Almaden Rotary.These world shakers are the beating heart in our community, embodying Service Above Self and serving as a catalyst for change.

Service Hour Goal
Monetary Goal
Service Hours Raised
Hours 32%
Money Raised
$ 46%

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Area Highlights


  • Schools
  • President(s)
  • Vice President(s)
  • Andrew P. Hill High School
  • Timmy Pham & Darlene Mac
  • Victoria Lam
  • Evergreen Valley High School
  • Sophia Sena
  • Clifford Xu
  • Leland High School
  • Madeleine Phan
  • Min Yu
  • Oak Grove High School
  • Eric Tran
  • Satong Huynh
  • Santa Teresa High School
  • Mialy Rasetarinera
  • Emma Anucha & Hadd Mireed
  • Silver Creek High School
  • Emily Lam & My Nguyen
  • Valley Christian High School
  • Athena Chang & Evelyn Tran
  • Vickie Hua
  • William C. Overfelt High School
  • Hannah Mae Baclig
  • Andy Nguyen
  • Yerba Beuna High School
  • Jimmy Nguyen
  • Thomas Ngo

Area 1 Director | Jimmy Nguyen

Heyo! My name is Jimmy Nguyen and it is my honor to serve as your Area 8 Director. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to guide Area 8 and continue the legacy of those before me. Throughout my Interact journey, I have found what Interact love means to me and the ways Interact has inspired the uninspired.


Whether you are just starting out in Interact or adding another year to your journey, I hope that you will take part in a movement as we bring Area 8 to a new dimension and find what keeps us rooted.


Yours in Service,


Area Social Medias

Providing clean water

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