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Area 6, home to Piedmont Hills, Independence, Mt. Pleasant, Summit Rainier, Kipp San Jose, Milpitas, and various middle school Interact clubs, is known for being a powerhouse. Our multitude of Interact clubs is humbly sponsored by the Rotary Club of San Jose East/Evergreen, Rotary E-Club, and Milpitas Rotary. Notoriously embodying “Service Above Self,” Interact Area 6 continues to live a le6acy as we have always in the past.

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Area 6 Director | Brandon Huynh

What’s up everyone!

My name is Brandon Huynh and I am a senior at Piedmont Hills High School. I am humbled and honored to be serving as your Area 6 Director for this Interact year.

From the very beginning of my Interact journey, the way in which Interactors from District 5170 embodied their leadership skills inspired me to want to make a change. Being a part of this organization, I learned how to be a leader. This drive to inspire the uninspired has driven me to continue growing and flourishing as a human being. Being a part of this zealous community, I have created memories that are unforgettable.

It is now my pleasure to be walking along those who serve this District. I am extremely excited for what our future holds as we will begin embarking on a journey to “Soar Beyond Limits.” Today, we all stand on the shoulders of those who came before us. Let us work in unity to take Area 6 to greater heights so that previous generations of Interact can witness what they have cultivated within us.


Brandon Huynh