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Area 5 consists of 5 amazing schools. Irvington, Washington, John F. Kennedy and , Mission San Jose High School along with our junior level Interact at Horner Junior High build up the Shmol Shmackin Sharks, all coming together for service within our community and beyond. Each year, we prove ourselves better than before and make a stronger impact. Area 5 is sponsored by Fremont Morning Rotary, Mission San Jose Rotary, and Niles Rotary.

Area Goals

Service Hour Goal
Monetary Goal
Service Hours Raised
Hours 25%
Money Raised
$ 0%

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Area Highlights


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  • President(s)
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  • Alsion Ohlone Montessori High School
  • Kaili Welch
  • Horner Jr. High School
  • Roberston High School

Area 5 Director | Nava Babaei

Heyo!! I like cats, food, and sleeping, but above all, I love Interact! Oh yea and my name is also Nava Babaei. I am a junior at Irvington High School and have been a part of this amazing club for 5 years. 5 years? Yea! Area 5 is one of the few areas to contain junior Interact clubs, and I was lucky enough to go to one. This opportunity feels like a dream and I am so excited to exercise my passion through my work as an area director. Thank you Dimensional District Council, Area 5, and District 5170 for becoming my second family.


Peace. Love. Interact.

Nava Babaei

Area 5
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