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Hey there and welcome to Area 11!
While we may be intersected by the vibrant Area 7, we never fail to unite as an area and form a community for all who need it. Made up of Santa Clara, Wilcox, Prospect, Cambrian, Westmont, Saratoga, Los Gatos, and Leigh, we are diverse. You can always find Area 11 dancing their hearts out at benefit shows and making corny jokes at charity dinners. Our sponsoring Rotary Clubs of Santa Clara, Los Gatos Morning, Los Gatos Noon, and Saratoga, provide us with endless mentorship and inspiration. We are, Area 11.

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  • Schools
  • President(s)
  • Vice President(s)
  • Leigh High School
  • Jessica Tran & Christine Kim
  • @leighinteract
  • Saratoga High School
  • Vivian Luo & Caitlyn Chen
  • Usman Khan
  • Los Gatos High School
  • Sydney Deng & Lily Toda
  • Brendan Cummins
  • @losgatosinteract
  • Wilcox High School
  • Rafael Tolosa & Milap Patel
  • Hannah Warner & Elizabeth Quach
  • @wilcoxinteractfamily

Area Director 11 | Vince Kloes


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